How to Protest without Violence

How to Protest without Violence

You will need

Something to protestLocationPermitsSloganEmergency contact informationProtestersCool headWallet-size cards

Step 1 Determine your aims Pinpoint your aims. Although a protest expresses opposition or disapproval, also use it to get across what you support.

Step 2 Decide on the form of protest Decide what form the protest will take. Marches, rallies, vigils, sit-ins, strikes, and boycotts are all effective methods. Choose the one that best fits your purpose.

Step 3 Choose a location and time Choose a location big enough to accommodate the expected number of protesters. If you can, pick a place with historical or cultural significance. To add symbolic meaning, choose a date for the protest that coincides with the anniversary of a well-known event.

Step 4 Apply for permits Investigate local regulations and apply for permits if your group requires them.

Step 5 Pick a slogan Come up with a nonviolent slogan or chant that is easy to...
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