YouTube reveals most watched videos in 2011

YouTube reveals most watched videos in 2011

The video, entitled, ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’, shows a pet dog moving its mouth in time to its owner’s voice and ‘complaining’ about what it wants to eat. It has been watched more than 70 million times.

The second most watched video in the UK during 2011 is the T-Mobile Royal Wedding spoof, which recreates the high profile ceremony with a cast of lookalikes who break out into a series of outlandish dance routines. The advert for the mobile service, also topped the most watched YouTube adverts of the year in the UK.

‘A Song by Charlie Sheen’, is the third most poplar video of the year, having been watched more than 37 million times. The video amalgamates several clips of the US actor, who made headlines earlier this year after behaving bizarrely in public and getting sacked from his hit sitcom series, Two and Half Men, acting oddly to a backing track.

Jessie J’s Price Tag has become the most watched music video of 2011, while Rebecca Black’s debut single...
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