Quick and Healthy Flourless Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Quick and Healthy Flourless Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Last minute out-of-town guests, lots of kids and an empty pantry inspired the panicked creation of these tantalizingly chewy chocolate cookies this past weekend. They were completely gone by the end of the evening, leaving the smaller children to scavenge under the table for any remaining crumbs.

Requiring only four ingredients and eight minutes in the oven, I confidently dub these healthy, flourless, gluten-free, nut-free chewy chocolate cookies as one of the easiest, quickest dessert recipes I have ever managed to throw together with accidental success.


Quick, Easy, Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cookies

2013-08-13 08:55:20

Yields 40

3 eggs (if you want to lower the fat content, the recipe will also work with only 3 egg whites)

1 cup unsweetened Dutch cocoa powder

1 1/3 cup date sugar**

A pinch of salt

Optional: cocoa nibs, or chocolate chips, or chopped nuts

1. Pre-heat...
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