Your private tour guide in Bulgaria

Your private tour guide in Bulgaria

When I lead tour groups around Bulgaria, or anywhere else around the Balkan Peninsula, I’m always looking to create a unique, memorable experience. I don’t offer package tours, but instead I’ll work with you to create fully customisable trips that you’ll remember for a lifetime! Every detail, every excursion and activity, can be chosen to suit your interests… and believe me, there are plenty of choices on offer in this part of the world!

Let me plan your Balkan tour, or your Bulgaria getaway, and you could spend it hiking through breathtaking scenery, sampling local wines and cuisine, engaging with the locals and making new friends, or visiting cultural heritage sites, museums or folk festivals. We’ll always have a ton of laughs along the way, staying in comfortable hotels and travelling from place to place in a secure, fully air-conditioned vehicle.

I’ve got a real passion for this part of the world… not to mention the knowledge and experience to help you see it in...
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