Debt collection

Debt collection

Whenever your clients do not pay their debts in time, your company is at risk and it is recomendable for you to start to collect your receivables.  The shortfalls in the payments from contractors and suppliers  are frequent cause for  insolvency. TM Legal Consulting have solid experience in collecting of contractually owed debts from companies and persons registered and living  in Bulgaria.

Our main goal is promptly to secure the payment of your outstanding debts, preserving in the same time the existing business contacts and relations. Further to our practical experience, we can  advise and offer to you a cost - effective legal solutions pertaining to in and out of court recovery, including enforcement proceedings.

Very often the traditional out of court debt collection procedure do not repay the due obligations and filling a court claim remains the only legitimate way to protect the interests of the creditors. In this case  our highly qualified lawyer...
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