Mind Muscle Connection : How to do it?

Mind Muscle Connection : How to do it?

Doctors and healers have noticed the connection between our physical and mental health before millennia. Until the XIX century most people were convinced that emotions are directly linked to the illness and people were advised to go to sanatoriums and coastal centers where to heal both body and mind. Gradually emotions began to give way as causes of diseases to bacteria and toxins, and newly discovered antibiotics treated disease after disease. In recent decades, scientists have even gone so far as to try to ascribe biological foundations of behavior imbalances such as autism and others. In parallel, however, scientists began to reinventing the relationship between stress, emotions and health, and specifically the mind muscle connection.

We all have mind-muscle connection and it is practiced in many ancient medical and philosophical systems. Our bodies react physically to our way of thinking, and this is not a relative doctrine of the Far East. It is a proven scientific...
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