The drinks – source of life

The drinks – source of life

Drinks without extra calories are ideal for the needed   of the body from fluids

Drinks are an integral part of our daily life and so quenching the thirst properly, it is best to do so with water. Water is the most important constrictive element  in the body. Man continuously loses water: from 5 to 6% daily need metabolic processes in the body; 1, 5 liters of urine flow; 150 ml – with the feces; other 700 ml are lost through the skin. And about 0, 5 liters evaporate in the breath.

The taken food and beverages fill these losses. Experts recommend intake of 2-3 liters per day, minimum 1, 3 to 1, 5 of them must be  in the form of liquids.

With athletes these needs could rise 3 to 4 times, nursing mothers need additional 620 mL for the formation of milk. Thirst occurs when the water content in the body decreases with 0, 5%. For 70 kg person this means 350 ml.

Water and herbal teas! – The water contains valuable minerals and soothes thirst without any involvement of...
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