Top 10 best free programs for Windows

Top 10 best free programs for Windows

After purchasing a computer and install the operating system to use functional you must of course software. This article will offer you the top 10 useful and free programs alternatives to paid, which in no way inferior, and features and functionality, and even surpass them. We will try to introduce you to the basic functions and purpose of each of the presented free programs.

OpenOffice - (Office package) avast! Free Antivirus - (Antivirus) XBMC Media Player - (Media Player) Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE - (Recording discs) Freemake Video Converter - (Media Converter) 7-Zip - (Archiving Program) uTorrent - (Download file) Picasa - (Edit photos) Browsers (Mozilla, Chrome & Opera) - (Browsers) Skype - (Chat and video calls)

 1  OpenOffice

OpenOffice is one of the best office suites word processing, making presentations, spreadsheets and more. OpenOffice is free and a serious alternative, even surpassing the famous Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is...
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