Most hated sex position of women is …

Most hated sex position of women is …

Does overrated sex position? If you ask the ladies – and this definitely is facing rider. Study on Women’s Health, which took part 1111 women revealed that the fair sex did not enjoy facing rider, quite the opposite. 39% are adamant that hate this posture and avoid it.

The reasons: – the angle is not easy and does not stimulate enough; – often wonder if things are done correctly and if the man is enjoying what is happening, because you can not see it, and are peeling face to the wall or his toes; – afraid not to break off his penis with a sharp shake; – and not least worry what it looks like butt and thighs and cellulite if they do not kill a dual effect; – according to women this position is not so intimate because they have no eye contact with your partner, which creates a barrier between them.

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