6 Good Reasons to Visit Pomorie this Summer

6 Good Reasons to Visit Pomorie this Summer

Pomorie is one of the best seaside resorts located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The city is relatively small, but very beautiful, with excellent conditions for summer tourism. Pomorie is favorite summer destination for young people, families with children, adults and seniors. The city is famous among tourists from different countries and nationalities.

If you have never spent your summer vacation in Pomorie, find here top 6 reasons to visit Pomorie this summer:


1. Pomorie has a Convenient Location

The resort of Pomorie is located on a narrow rocky peninsula jutting into the Black Sea, on the northwestern coast of Burgas Bay. From the south, east and northeast the city is surrounded by the sea, from the north – by the Pomorie Lake. Only from northwest, is connected with the land.

Pomorie is situated in close proximity to the International Airport Bourgas, which makes your journey more pleasant. The distance is less than 20 km, which takes only 15...
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