Vampire - Run

Bulgarians we wanna living large. 30 years ago communist was in charge. They stole our land. We couldn’t defend. Fighting against system is total long shot We were slaves Our land is full with unknown graves Every news was fake They were lying the whole national. Our economy was in stagnation. We were living in fear. Our dream was to disappear from our homeland. Criticizing of power was banned.

Run, run you can’t escape Run, run you are out of shape Run, run they'll shoot on the border They fallow order and people die Run, run

Don’t forget the past. One day you should be ready to pull the trigger. You are not a killer, but they'll shoot you in the face. they hate your race Did you remember night of September? Bulgaria had takin over by criminals. When I was sleeping on the bed he hit me in the head. He said. Give me your money. Give me your bolt. Give me your gold. Tell me the charges. Don’t worry I've made up story you. Don’t be...
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