Bookmakers – Betting sites - - Футболни прогнози ЕФБЕТ

Bookmakers – Betting sites - - Футболни прогнози ЕФБЕТ

Efbet is the first licensed bookmakers to offer sports online betting in Bulgaria. The site allows users to make bets of any kind of sports, so can turn their hobby into profits, if possible. Players decide whether to bet on football matches, basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey ice, volleyball or other sports bets.


To play in Efbet you need make a registration, that will allow you to log in system. You will then need to make a first deposit, with which deposit you can bet.

All this takes a little time and you do not have to have any specific knowledge. If you still dont know how to register, then follow the steps.

We will introduce this licensed brand to all players – registration and deposit, sports betting, casino and sport betting platform.

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