1xbet Betting - FBet.bg - Футболни прогнози ЕФБЕТ

1xbet Betting - FBet.bg - Футболни прогнози ЕФБЕТ

For your registration in the Russian bookmaker you can choose from one of the 4 options:

• One-Click Registration – With this option, you register without filling in anything (except the country and currency you choose), in which case your personal details will be entered in later stage. By registering with this option, you will get a unique number to start to bet. This is the only bookmaker that allows this type of registration.

• Register by Phone Number – The only additional thing to fill in on this option is your phone number. You can use mobile phone. A message will be sent to it with a number and a password to enter site.

• E-mail Sign Up – This registration is similar to other bookmakers – you can fill in your personal details and account details, and then an email is sent to you to activate your account. Click the link on e-mail and activate account.

• Registration via Social Networks and Messengers – 1xBet is the only bookmaker, where you...
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