Top 6 Secrets To Stay Safe While Driving

Top 6 Secrets To Stay Safe While Driving

Summer is finally here. Soon many folks are going to be headed out for those road trips and long-overdue family vacations. Wait dear motorists, not so fast.

With the hotter months ahead, there are statistically more drivers on the road, more construction with lane closures, shifting lanes also as changing weather.

Remember, once you drag the wheel, it's important to feel confident in your own driving but don't trust that everybody else on the road will drive defensively and as safe as you'll.

Minimize Distractions  Cell phones, passengers, music, or eating while driving can deduct your focus from the road and nearby drivers. Prescription medications, lack of sleep and rest, or strong emotional states also can affect your concentration on the road. Confine mind that while you'll have minimized your distractions, it doesn't mean that the drivers around you on the road have done an equivalent. Follow the principles of the Road  Maintain safe speeds, obey posted...
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