Usher - Papers текст

Usher - Papers текст

(Usher Usher Usher) Ooh! OoOOooh! Ooh! Papers Ooh! OoOOooh! Ooh! Papers

Vrs 1: I can't, get to work on time, can't believe the words to her I just said But who the hell argue n fight like dogs at 6 in the morning?(in the mornin) I know its gonna' be some more sh** tonight mm oooh Our pastor's callin, tellin me I done went too far in I'm seen around town and my friends can't recognize me, 'cuz I took a chance on love(love), it's like(like), I'm dyin(ooh dyin)

chrs: For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world 'Cause you were my girl, girl, girl I done damn near lost my mama, I done been through so much drama I done turned into the man that I never thought I'd be.

I'm ready to sign them papers, papers, papers I done took all I can take but u leave me no options girl I can't deny how much I love you, I done gave up errthing I had to as hard as it is I'm affraid I gotta say I'm ready to sign them papers, papers, papers I...
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