House Music

House Music

DJ Chus

Chus L Esteban began his professional career in the late 80’s in his own city when Acid House was in its summit at Alien venue, one of the first clubs of the well known Kapital Group. In August 1992 he was invited to be the resident Dj of Portuguese club KADOC, where he shared booth and met the best international Dj’s, what made him see the evolution of ‘Dance Music’ in the 90’s. It was then when his sound turned into house thanks to the influence of the characteristic Portuguese and American underground sound.

In September 1994 he opened Teatro Kapital – one of the first house clubs in Madrid . During 7 years he was resident in both clubs, Kadoc during the summer season and Kapital during the winter. In 2001 he organized periodic sessions with international artists at Kapital.

The most interesting part of Chus’ career is his production side, which began with David Penn owner of Zen Records and Urbana recordings. In 1999 Chus founded Stereo Productions. The...
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