European-Pyramids - Piediluco

European-Pyramids - Piediluco

 2 pyramid shaped hills in PIEDILUCO/Umbria

youtube video by "the modern explorers" from 2013 

PIEDILUCO, 13 km south of Terni/Umbria. Meaning of the name: Piedi (lat.foot) lucus (lat.sacred woods)

Piediluco is known for its peculiar hill, la montagna dell'Eco "echo mountain", which is able to reproduce the echo of an eleven verses rhime by Dante Alighieri (Italian poet)!  Italian exaggeration or evidence of an artificial structure?

Piediluco is also known for its splendor and creativity in celebrating the summer solstice festival on 21 June on Italy's most scenic lake.


2 pyramid hills situated on either sides of the scenic lake of Piediluco 


Pyramid hill no.1,"la rocca" (the rock)with flattened top and fortress, built in 1364. 


pyramid hill no.2: "Echo Hill", la montagna dell'eco on opposite side of the lake

pyramid hill no.2, "echo hill", with beautiful shade contours  

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