Grafa feat Akaga - Disco Party

Grafa feat Akaga - Disco Party

It is a music video, which I created for the web site of Pixelista. Pixelista is a company, renting video walls for any occasion – from a small event till a great music tour. My task was to create a video, which to promote not the musicians that sing the song (Grafa and “Akaga”), but the video walls - the Pixelista's products. The basic idea, that guided me all the time, was to create an optimal interaction between the performers and the video walls, placed behind them on the scene. I was responsible for whole the project – concept, storyboard, directing, pre-production (creating of the animated characters, that appear on the video wall), montage, post-production. That's why it took me so much time to bring the video to life, but I'm so satisfied by the result that I don't regret for any minute that I spent.

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