The death of an old cinema.

The death of an old cinema.

“Of all the various forms of art, we find cinema to be the most important”

This is what was written above the main entry of the hall of “Poltava” cinema 20 years ago. Slowly throughout the years the sign has vanished. This cinema used to be one of the fanciest places in the town of Veliko Tarnovo in the yearly 80’s – a historic capital of Bulgaria, visited by thousands of tourists every year. The architect who conceived the building is called Tanio Belev: we recently made that discovery and had the chance to visit this extraordinary building that doesn’t function as a cinema anymore. We find some similarities with the work of Louis Kahn in terms of monumentality and form.

Build in the 80’s, this unique cinema originally had two halls: a main one with 720 seats and a small one, disposing of 150 seats. Due to the lack of audiences, the cinema was soon closed and the main halls were used for different purposes such as bars, clubs, and mini market.

At present the...
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