How Well Do You Understand CSS Positioning?

How Well Do You Understand CSS Positioning?

When people are new to css layouts there’s a tendency to gravitate toward positioning. Positioning seems like an easy concept to grasp. On the surface you specify exactly where you want a block to be located and there it sits. Positioning is a little more complicated than it first appears though. There are a few things that can trip up a newbie and a few things to understand before positioning becomes second nature.

You can do some great things with positioning, once you develop a deeper understanding of how it works.

CSS Box Model and Types of Position

In order to understand positioning you first need to understand the css box model. The link in the previous sentence is a post I wrote for InstantShift about the box model. I’ll point you there for details and offer a quick summary here.

Every element in css is contained by a rectangular box, each with an area defined for the content, padding around that content, a border enclosing both and a margin...
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