Zoomple – simple image magnifying plugin for jQuery

Zoomple – simple image magnifying plugin for jQuery

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I’ve been working with jQuery for some time now and was quite fascinated by the magical way everything there just works. It is browser compatible, saves you from nasty bugs and pitfalls, gives you access to a goodies that JavaScript just lacks. Knowing jQuery really turned the way i was writing at JavaScript.

Besides all the great tools that you get with this library, the real power of jQuery comes from the plug-in database. Every script that you will ever need is probably already developed, wrapped and waiting for you in the plugin database. I’ve been exploring this place for sometime now and always wondered “How do you develop a plugin? It must be hell of a work.” My  innate curiosity always pushes me to do some bizarre stuff and i started to read and explore the subject.

For some time now I’ve been working on  a few plugins and the first that i want to share with you is Zoomple (i don’t know how i came up...
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