Las Vegas clear bra Installation. Pro-Tect your car.

Las Vegas clear bra Installation. Pro-Tect your car.


PRO-TECT Film is a world wide leader in paint protection film and window tint based in Las Vegas. Along with providing the best prices on PPF we also offer training to become a certified paint protection film installer. Our Dealer Program gives you the competitive pricing on the films you need for your business.

PRO-TECT FILM Distributing, Inc. is a Master Distributor for Nano-Fusion™ and PremiumShield Paint Protection Film products. PRO-TECT Film specializes in distribution, marketing, and installation of Nano-Fusion™ and PremiumShield Clear Paint Protection Film for the automotive aftermarket. Our in-depth knowledge of clear urethane film and installation of these products allow us to lead the industry with customer service, installation support, product support, and price.

PRO-TECT FILM Distributing, Inc. was founded in early 2004 in Las Vegas, NV. 

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