Desert Safari Dubai at the most affordable Price!

Desert Safari Dubai at the most affordable Price!

Desert Safari in Dubai is the leading adventure and the most popular tour in Dubai. It is a unique way to experience the beautiful desert of Dubai and an adventure like no other which leaves you with a memory of a lifetime. Visiting Dubai and not going for the Desert Safari Dubai is just like going to school without books.

The exciting Desert Safari starts when we pick you up in a new 4x4 from your hotel and take you towards the Desert. When you first reach there you experience a roller coaster drive on the Dubai sand also known as Dune Bashing and Sand Bashing which would last for around 45 minutes after which you experience a stop over to experience the Sunset in the Desert also called sunset view point. You also have a chance to do camel riding after you finish the Dune Bashing. Then we take you to our Desert Camp where you are welcomed with Arabic Dates, Tea , Coffee, Mineral Water and Unlimited Softdrinks.

When your evening in the desert...
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