Chloé: Fall Winter 2010

Chloé: Fall Winter 2010

Chloé: Fall Winter 2010 Posted by Katya Vicheva on 05:23 // 0 коментара

Chloé go back to their roots with this new Fall Winter 2010 campaign. Inez & Vinoodh bring back some iconic features of the French brand, with the face of Raquel Zimmerman. Take a look at their new collection...

Beige is the brand's key color, and Inez & Vinoodh have even used it in their setting and their postproduction. Hannah McGibbon knew that she wanted to create an ode to beige this season.

The brand bring us silk blouses, high-waisted trousers with big bows and styles from the seventies. There's also knitwear, masculine-looking coats and shoes, and North American sportswear influences.

Versatility and femininity are essential this season at Chloé.

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