Goodbye from

Goodbye from

The website, mobile apps, and APIs are no longer in service. Thank you sincerely for seven years of live video memories.

FAQ Why is being shut down? pioneered live video on the Internet and spawned one of the largest video platforms ever: Twitch. was officially renamed Twitch Interactive Inc. in February of 2014 and Twitch is now the focus of the company's resources. Unfortunately that means we need to shut down We thank all of our broadcasters and viewers for 7 years of live video memories.

What will happen to my account?

Your account is now closed, and you will be unable to access any settings or content. If you would like to join Twitch with your user name, convert your account now. If you used your account to login to Twitch, please convert your account to retain your user name, past broadcasts, and notiifcation settings. Account must be...
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