Why did the military send a dog to help kill Bin Laden?

Why did the military send a dog to help kill Bin Laden?

Two helicopters ferried 79 commandos and one dog into Osama Bin Laden's compound for Sunday's successful kill operation. Why did the Pentagon send in a canine with the special forces?

A Navy dog in training

For its sniffer, of course. The special operations forces do have their own canine training program, but it's very hush-hush. Furthermore, neither the Pentagon nor the White House is talking about the role the dog played in Sunday's operation, and they haven't even confirmed that a dog was involved at all. (It seems the information first came from the British tabloid the Sun, but has been reported in more reputable papers. Slate's Jack Shafer advises readers to maintain a healthy skepticism about such reports.) If Navy SEAL T eam Six did indeed bring along a dog, then we might guess at its role based on the Pentagon's non-confidential Military Working Dog Program. It's possible that the commandos brought a specialized...
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