Let the world know you – be a SUPER STAR!

Let the world know you – be a SUPER STAR!

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  The Music.Tracker.Project by no.ski.CREW


Are you in a band? Do you have awesome music you want to share with the audience? Yet promoting is out of reach while you still desire to expand your fan base to a higher digit number?

Then participate! With Music.Tracker.Project you can get promoted for FREE!

What’s about Music.Tracker.Project actually? The begining… The name of this project comes from the name of the player , placed in the Blog.The whole idea came long time ago when a friend of mine sent me an awesome composition and I said ‘wow’ – it was really amazing piece of music. I began searching on the net for the band and guess what… there was absolutely no information on it. Than we had a conversation with mental and we’ve decided that something must be done to support the bands! Therefore we put the...
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