Bulgaria might have a Formula 1 track

Bulgaria might have a Formula 1 track

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Bulgaria wants to be a host of Formula 1 races in the near future – Bogdan Nikolov, Chair of the Bulgarian federation of motorcycle sport , claims, cited by Reuters.

It will be very hard but I think that we will make it, Nikolov said for “24 chasa”. A plan and application documents will be sent to the International automobile federation on December 15.

Bernie Ecclestone, Chief of FIA, will have a decision by the end of the next day.

According to the plan of BMF (Bulgarian Motorcycle Federation), the track will be constructed near Pleven.

Bulgaria pushes towards the motor sport on a wide front – the German paper Handelsblatt writes. After the hosting of the World rally championship in 2010 and the hopes for a round of the motorcycle cup MotoGP in 2011, appetites have reached even for a round of Formula 1.

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