Debt Counseling | Non Profit Credit Counseling

Debt Counseling | Non Profit Credit Counseling

CreditGuard of America, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit credit counseling agency that is committed to providing innovative solutions for simple to complicated debt issues. We will help you get out of the debt through our best credit counseling. CreditGuard provides credit counseling and debt management along with free financial education to  consumers throughout the United States, using state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service.

Certified Credit Counselors – Free Consultation

Our credit counselors are certified and trained to deal with both secured and unsecured debts. The counselors will evaluate your needs and your expenses and custom design a plan that will allow you to make an affordable debt payment within your budget that gets you out of debt faster than you ever thought possible. Your debt management plan will get you debt free and keep you debt free! Then we provide a tailored, written debt consolidation plan based upon the debt counseling that...
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