How to drive a supercar on ice

How to drive a supercar on ice

In the meantime, the circuits carved into Laponie’s 750-acre section of the vast frozen lake have increased year-on-year so that there are now nine, ranging from circular skid pans of varying sizes to two full-size replicas of Paul Ricard and of course Silverstone.

To cope with the demands of oversteering on ice, each vehicle is fitted with a tougher front bumper and what is effectively a big ski bolted to the front of the car so that it won't be damaged should you run into a snowbank (with temperatures frequently falling below -20C on the lake, a normal plastic bumper would shatter on impact). In addition, all of the car’s fluids, including the oil, are replaced with alternatives capable of withstanding the low temperatures, and the standard tyres make way for studded versions made in Lapland.

Fancy tyres or not, we begin with a few spins on the smallest of Laponie’s handing circles as I become accustomed to the way the 600 studs in the ‘Vettes rear boots claw...
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