Best Credit Score

Best Credit Score

Best Credit Score Tweet How Can I Get The Best Credit Score.

There are several mysterious and vague aspects of the credit scoring formula, including its unconventional scoring range that starts at 300 (rather than 0 or 1) and ends at 850. Why a 550 point variable? Who knows (and who cares, really)? What you need to know and care about is your credit score and how to obtain the best credit score possible.

The best credit score you can attain is 850. Yes, an 850 is nearly unheard of nowadays and is really no different than a 750. What? If the best credit score is 850, how can a 100 point decrease be the same? Lenders are looking for the best credit score range which is anything higher than 749. The best credit score range of 750 - 850 is considered an "A" credit score which will qualify you for the best loan rates...
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