Top Grade Flocking non-slip Bathroom Rug DA6949

Top Grade Flocking non-slip Bathroom Rug DA6949

The market offers all kinds of furniture and bathroom accessories, but the bathroom rug enjoys increasing popularity because it not only helps us to not slip on the floor, but also can be a wonderful decoration of the room. This useful accessory will protect you perfectly from unpleasant feeling of contact with the cold floor, and some models even may decide the need for a foot massage.



 Type     Bathroom  Mat  Material  Polypropylene fiber  Size  40cm×60cm     Shipping Weight     0.6kg


This rug is yard dyed not printed. Colors go to the base of rug, instead of just sitting on top. This rug is super soft. Unique high-low cut pile design gives added dimension to the fun dot design. Heavy textured latex rubber backing is non-slip/non-skid for safety...
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