Top Grade Tufting non-slip Door/Bath Mat DA5548

Top Grade Tufting non-slip Door/Bath Mat DA5548

The market offers all kinds of furniture and bathroom accessories, but the bathroom rug enjoys increasing popularity because it not only helps us to not slip on the floor, but also can be a wonderful decoration of the room. This useful accessory will protect you perfectly from unpleasant feeling of contact with the cold floor, and some models even may decide the need for a foot massage.



 Type     Bathroom  Mat  Material  Polypropylene fiber  Size  50cm×80cm     Shipping Weight     1.15kg


Feel the warmth and softness of chenille under your toes as you step into your bathroom in the morning. these fuzi rugs feature 100% microfiber chenille with heavy latex backing, making them comfortable and durable underfoot. treat your...
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