Arch Pain

Arch Pain

Arch Pain


Arch pain can be a very debilitating condition it can come on very suddenly and stop people walking running and basically can make them feel miserable. It is descrtibed as being like a burning sensation under the arch of the foot. So what causes it well to answer that firstly the arch is formed by the 26 bones that make up the foot. There is a thick band of tissue that binds the bones together which is known as the plantar fascia. This plantar fascia starts in the heel bone and fans out and connects to the bones that make up the toes. If you like take a bridge such as the Sydney harbor bridge the steel on top is like the bones of the foot and the roadway is the plantar fascia. It holds the bones of the foot together.

Arch pain Causes

One of the major causes of arch pain is when the bony arch structure collapses partially this allows the plantar fascia or (road way) to stretch which sets up an inflammatory process...
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