Other Usages of Sunglasses You Should Know

Other Usages of Sunglasses You Should Know

Jan 25

Other Usages of Sunglasses You Should Know


Now it’s getting hotter and hotter. Many people choose to wear sunglasses in order to protect themselves from the merciless sun. Of course, to prevent danger of the sun is not the only use of sunglasses, and there’re plenty of more.


First of all, sunglasses make us cool. Dark colors of the lenses prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering and hurting our eyes and meanwhile make it hard for others to see our eyes---the window of heart---directly and clearly, which bring us mystery and make us cooler than we really are. So, now and then, you can see people wearing fashion sunglasses to suit their clothes in order to make them look cooler. By doing this, people regard sunglasses as parts of their appearances rather than tools to prevent the sun.



Second, sunglasses help us cover the truth that we don’t want to be revealed. If...
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