Unified Remote Control For Android

Unified Remote Control For Android

I don’t know about you, but since I have a smartphone I am used to check my email or browse the Internet, right from the comfort of my bed. I am sure that this habit is not particularly to me and soon will develop into a trend that will replace the way we use our computers at home: the new touch sensitive gadgets will act as primary “connect to Internet” devices for us.

So what about our desktop computers will they be toss away now or will they find a new purpose in our technology driven life?

One possible solution is to transform them into living-room media centers for playing music, movies or/and running a slideshow of pictures. A good idea except that they come with not so cool input devices like mouses or big keyboards to place next to our big screen TVs, not such a great move after all… except that… what if we could somehow replace all of that with something nicer?

As you might already guessed, there is an Android app which could help and it is called...
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