Thailand Travel Advice

Thailand Travel Advice

Here’s some of our best Thailand travel advice…

If you want to experience a bit of everything, then Thailand is the best place to go. Whether you are travelling with your family, with your partner or just friends or just wants to experience the place’s solitude alone, this is one of the must- travel destinations. It offers a wide and great variety of attractions.

These include a number of heritage sites, Buddhist Temples, sandy beaches, diving sites, tropical islands and the infamous night life of the country.

If you ask an experienced backpacker as to what is the best place to travel regardless if you have a budget or not, they will always mention Thailand. The country has a low cost of living and so your money will go a long way. Whether it is a week stay or even a month, everyday there is always something new to discover. Apart from the numerous things that you can do, the locals are very warm and helpful.

Before you set off, it is important to...
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