We help you claim back your PPI today!!

We help you claim back your PPI today!!

What is PPI? Could you be owed thousands?

PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance. It refers to a charge that was meant to ensure loan repayments could be made should you lose your job, die, or become ill, meaning you were unable to earn enough to service this debt.

There was however, a great deal of controversy surrounding the way in which banks sold this policy. It was sold to people who could never have claimed under the terms; for example, those over the age of 65 or who were self-employed. According to Which? one in three people were sold insurance that was utterly worthless.

PPI was mis-sold for an extended period of time, and on top of that, around 40 percent of people claim not to have known they even had this insurance.

In recent years, after an array of complaints were made and upheld about PPI, the High Court ruled that any payment protection insurance charge which was mis-sold, must be re-paid and compensation added.

UK banks and...
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