Dark Roasted Blend: You Used It For What??.. (Funny Pics)

Dark Roasted Blend: You Used It For What??.. (Funny Pics)

"QUANTUM SHOT" #525Link - by A. Abrams

For those of you who like funny pictures...

... we made another (tenth!) part of the Crazy Logistics series, so that you will keep reading all the previous parts and never get your work done!

See what people do when they badly need (or want) something, but lack means to achieve it otherwise. "A little tractor engine that could":

Geek's Stress Relief: ("generator of inner peace and happiness")

Look at life through the beer-colored glasses - it's bound to look better, we promise! Order these "beer goggles" from this page:

(image via)

For the Agent Smith in all of us:

The weirdest use of an iron... to get your bum warmer (by degrees) -

This is a better use of a bike - to make a cotton candy (more info)

(image via)

"Keep your mouth shut" device: (probably enhances chances of dieting)

Show your affection:

(image credit: Jen Kleis)

Carry your cabin with you (as a...
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