Earthquake 2.0 in Bulgaria: tectonic movements going social

Earthquake 2.0 in Bulgaria: tectonic movements going social

A loving touch, a good dream, a great idea. As far as ways for waking up in the middle of the night go, these are probably the best ones. A strong shake, a mighty rumble, a feeling of helplessness - those are probably the worst.


The 5,8 magnitude strong earthquake that shook Sofia last night delivered exactly this kind of sensation for hundreds of thousands in the Bulgarian capital and all over the country. While there were no immediate reports of casualties and great damages, the most powerful quake in the region in the last 100 years and its strong aftershocks kept everybody on the streets until dawn. Sofia – usually a sleepy place in the early hours of the day – was full of people and cars and some compared the setting to 1994 when everyone went on the streets to celebrate the victory over Germany in the quarter-final of the football World Cup. This time around, however, the national flags and football shirts were replaced by blankets and...
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