what the dunk | Nike what the dunk | 318403 141

what the dunk | Nike what the dunk | 318403 141

I love nike dunk shoes, but I love "what the dunk" more, because "what the dunk" have a nice outlooking. if you see it you will never forget it. The What the Dunk concept is based on a culmination of the past 6 years of Dunk SB history. With every major dunk getting a piece of action on this dunk mash up. If you take a closer look, you’ll find pieces from the Cali’s, the Pigeons, the Luckies and Unluckies, the Jedi’s, the Denims, the Bucks, the Supreme Hi’s and Lows, the Medicoms, the Huf’s, the Hemps, the Shanghai 1 and 2’s, and the Avengers. You can see "what the dunk" shoes as follow:

style code:318403 141 colorway:white/college blue-chrome-deep red year of release:2007

Perhaps one of the most coveted Dunks of all time. These are the "What The Dunk's." The nickname comes straight from the name of this Dunk Low SB. They were released in conjunction with Nike SB's first video, "Nothing But The Truth." These feature a wild assortment of panels, all...
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