Bad font or bad design?

Bad font or bad design?

Sunday’s cover of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s Living section suggests that you shit yourself.  This unintentional message is the result of a poor graphic effect applied to the headline “Suit Yourself,” or perhaps it’s just a crappy font choice. Of course, given that newspapers have less and less staff to check these things, we might blame it on the demise of news rags in our increasingly digital nation. But whoever we want to blame, I can’t wait to see the correction they run. Via Gawker.

Proof reading may have saved the day. So many people in our instant society do not check things or proof read properly but always seem to find time to correct things when they go wrong but sometimes the damage is done.  Good luck to the art director, editor and the designer trying to explain this one!                                                                                                            D63JEYYFR6TK

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