THG New York | Real Estate Brokerage Manhattan | Real Estate NYC

THG New York | Real Estate Brokerage Manhattan | Real Estate NYC

New York City Real Estate Firm

The Holligsworth group Luxury real estate broker specializing in high-end real estate co op, condo, town house, penthouse living in the Manhattan area. Specializing in relocation to the New York City area. Coming from abroad to the NYC area and looking for real estate in Manhattan or Brooklyn area? We have real estate inventory in all areas of Manhattan including Soho, Flatiron, Tribeca, Financial District, Midtown, Meat Packing area, Upper east side,Upper west side, Gramercy, Central Park, Chelsea, madison avenue property, broadway realty specialist Co op, Condos, penthouse, town homes, multi level real estate in and around Manhattan

Relocating to New York City

You are thinking about relocating to the New York City area and you need to find real estate in the Manhattan area? The Holligsworth Group has many year of experience in relocating homes from abroad. With access to luxury properties throughout New York City and Brooklyn...
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