Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Protein Diet for vegans It is very difficult to lose weight when you're a vegetarian, especially by protein diet, because most protein sources of animal origin.

Protein diet for vegetarians can be done for a period of 2-4 weeks, then you should start eating more and with a variety of foods, because  limiting of food for a long period of time is not healthy.

The best vegetarian protein source is Tofu. I know most of you do not like it, but that is because you never cook it properly. Below there are delicious diet recipes with tofu.

Monday - 1100 calories    Breakfast - 100g raw avocado (160 calories) with tomatoes (eat them on the belly) and 50 grams low fat tofu (70 calories). Cut the avocados and tomatoes, add some salt and vinegar. Do not add oil, because avocado is rich enough. If you have no avocado, then add 3 tablespoons olive oil Extra virgin (not oil). Snack - a medium-sized apple (200 grams). If you can drink a soy protein shake.

Lunch - 100 g cooked...
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