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The field of medical dental endodontic refers to the dental health care dental health care in which tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth are being taken under in intensive care. Root canal therapy is one of the procedures which are performed under the care of endodontic, it also takes care of some other procedures such as endodontic treatment, treatment of cracked teeth (broken in accidents/cracked due to disease or bacteria or decayed). Surgeries are done in this field and dental trauma is also cured by the endodontic dentals.

Among all these the most popular and common procedure is root canal therapy, root therapy includes the removal and deduction of nerve tissues, some of the blood vessels and cellular entities as well. In this procedure tiny files are used for the cleaning, decontamination and shaping of hollows which is quite helpful from the dental prospect.

Root Canal Therapy:

The procedure used to save the teeth from damaging...
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