monster beats by dre丨dre beats monster headphone

monster beats by dre丨dre beats monster headphone

 Recently, Monster has launched various headphones production. Now, follow me to have a look.

1.Monster Beats Solo 

Beats solo has a fashionable appearance. Besides, the exquisite workmanship and the outstanding acoustic are also attractive and are beloved by the audiophiles. It is said that Monster Beats solo has push price down. It is a good time for everyone to go for it. For the structure, Monster Beats solo adopt the foldable head-mounted style and the unilateral-into-line design. The sponges of the ear cups are very soft and more comfortable for wearing. Monster Beats solo is equipped with control talk which could control the iPhone, iPod and other portable audio players directly. Control Talk also equips microphone which will help you answer the phone. Moreover, when someone call in, it could control the music to pause.

2.Monster Just Beats Solo 

Monster Beats are seem to be the trend vane of the headphone world. Recently, the company declared that...
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