What You Should Know about Mountain Lion

What You Should Know about Mountain Lion

Just as it announced on the official site, Mountain Lion has been available since July 25, 2012 on the Mac App Store. Once you are planning to upgrade your Mac to this newest operating system, then, you may be interested in the tips we are going to list here. In this past, we rightly list out the several things what you should know before you update your Mac to Mountain Lion.

By the way, if you have no plan to upgrade your Mac recently, you can also use some Mac file & disk management tools to have  a better management on it. For example, you can let the  professonial date recovery program for Mac do you a favor in recovering your lost or formatted files from your Mac.

Things You Should Know about Mountain Lion

1. Only Available on the Mac App Store Apple once again to take the all-digital strategy on its new system – Mountain Lion. That means users can only get it from the Mac App Store rather than via any other physical media. To be mentioned here, a new...
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