How to Convert VIDEO_TS to AVI on Mac

How to Convert VIDEO_TS to AVI on Mac

How to Convert VIDEO_TS to AVI on Mac What is VIDEO_TS file?

VIDEO_TS is a folder of most video DVDs. When you insert a DVD disc into your computer and rip the DVD to your PC, you can see a folder with the default name of VIDEO_TS. Actually, most video DVDs have two folders in the root directory AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The VIDEO_TS folder contains all the DVD's video data and playback information. Usually it is in a large size and contains DVD IFO, ISO and BUP files.

Why do I need to convert VIDEO_TS to AVI?

You can play Video_TS files on your computer and DVD players, but if you want to edit VIDEO_TS file in iMovie, or put your movies on portable players like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., you will need to convert VIDEO_TS files to a proper format like AVI, or MP4 first. Today we are going to discuss how to convert VIDEO_TS to AVI on Mac.


DVD Ripper for Mac is a powerful VIDEO_TS Converter for users to convert...
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