How to Run Unidentified Developers Apps on Mac OS X

How to Run Unidentified Developers Apps on Mac OS X

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Can We Open Apps from Unidentified Developers on Mac OX S?

If you have upgraded your Mac to the latest OS Mountain Lion, you must know the Gatekeeper whose primary function is to prevent malware and trojan horses from getting hacking hooks into your Mac. By default, we can only download and open applications from identified and trusted developers. It is great to help us to keep safe our Mac OS X. However, what if you want to run an application which is not the identified application from Apple but contains no virus or malware such as Jailbreak app on your Mac computer? To do so, we have to bypass Gatekeeper. Here we will tell you how to open apps from unidentified developers on Mac.

Tips&Tricks to Run Unidentified Applications on OS X Mountain Lion

Method 1. Temporarily Bypass Gatekeeper

The first choice you have when bypassing...
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