Hylagen Ireland Botox | Botox Clinic in Dublin | Botox Dublin

Hylagen Ireland Botox | Botox Clinic in Dublin | Botox Dublin

Botox Dublin Top Quality Botox Procedures, Dublin

Hylagen is well known for its superior procedures for Botox in Dublin. We use only top quality products for more effective results and to enhance client comfort and safety.

Botox has proved to be an effective cosmetic non-surgical treatment for men and women who have lines and wrinkles caused by age, laughing, frowning, smoking and sun damage. It prevents muscle contractions that produce these creases and furrows when the face is in motion.

Our experienced clinics cater not only to those who need Botox in Dublin but all of Ireland and the UK. Our centres in Newry (main), Magherafelt (monthly), Belfast and Londonderry (weekly) perform over a 100 treatments in a week.

Extremely low rates for top quality treatments is just one of the reasons for our popularity. We charge as little as: • Botox 1 area - £99/€120 • Botox 2 areas - £169/€200 • Botox 3 areas - £199/240

Erase fine lines, wrinkles...
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